Our children learn in an authentic, engaging and unhurried environment

Inclusive & caring

For some children, their first experience of being away from their home environment will be when they enter our setting.

It is our responsibility to respond to every child's fascinations and interests. Our environment is carefully designed to support meaningful learning alongside highly skilled practitioners. Children in our setting enjoy our enriched indoor and outdoor learning environment. Practitioners are ready to engage in purposeful learning through play in an inclusive stimulating environment.

Holistic & meaningful

The key principles essential for holistic and meaningful learning for all children start with skilful, observant and interested adults, who provide authentic and engaging experiences in effective, exciting environments.

Our role is to use our observations to plan experiences and environments that are meaningful and relevant to children’s interests. This curriculum ensures that the mandatory elements of Curriculum for Wales are embedded within an appropriate pedagogical framework that focuses on the needs of the developing child.

We believe in the five developmental pathways; belonging, communication, exploration, physical development and well-being.
Archway Court